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Making miniature truck to bring a load of good recollections!


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Military Mercedes-Benz LG 1819 6x6 tanker Scale model made of molded tinplate

This miniature of Mercedes-Benz LG 1819 6x6 is made of molded tinplate in 1:25 scale.
Length: 485mm
Width: 100mm (not counting the mirrors)
Full width: 112mm
Height: 132mm
Weight: 1,600g aprox.

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There is more on this to show and will be added as soon as possible.
Ivan Gouveia

Post graduate in Computer Networking from FACIMED - Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Cacoal. Graduate in Information Technology from UNESC - Union of Colleges of Cacoal. Has a CCNA (Cisco) as complementary course on Computer Networks. Is professional in the field of Electronics and Computer Programming. Programmer in languages Delphi and Visual Basic.